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Monkey Bar

53 Orchard Rd, Chatswood, Sydney, NSW
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Chatswood Monkey Bar is the ideal venue for a casual catch up, functions or after work drinks. With something for everyone, see for yourself why Chatswood Monkey Bar is everyones favourite local!

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What To Expect @ Monkey Bar

Review By Samantha Woodhill

Monkey bar is not so much a place to go as it is a regrettable place to end up.

Greeted by clouds of smoke upon entering via the smoking balcony, there’s an eerie feel to Monkey Bar with subtle evidence of human presence only slightly detected by the Herald upon the bar though it hasn’t been touched. There are more people on the smoking balcony than inside the bar.

If it were possible to overlook the ‘nanna’ carpet and the feeble attempt to look ‘indie’ by introduction of an army of broken radios, you'd still notice the significant presence of TAB machines and Keno screens. As advertised the place is open till 3am and undoubtedly runs on revenue from the pokies, not drink sales.

Unfortunately for all and sundry, the advertised 9pm Thursday night karaoke is nowhere to be seen - perhaps a rip roaring do requires the participation of a few more than just the four people in the entire bar (including the bartender).

Rest assured, hot food is available at any time according to the signage, indeed a pie AND a beer is a mere $7.50. Not quite sure you'd risk it with so many viable food options in the area, not to mention the ever popular Krispy Kremes in the 7/11 just around the corner.

A sticky floored venue can always redeem itself when you’re with a group of mates and the beers are cheap, yes? No, not Monkey Bar. $13.50 for a beer and a cider and two out of four beers on tap options were out for the night... Despite it being only 9.15pm on a Saturday night. Obviously they were run dry before we, and the three other guests, got there. On the plus side, they do serve beer by the jug.

Taylor Swift is a favourite on the all too limited music playlist. The tunes haven’t been updated in at least twelve months, the same five songs play on a consistent loop – obviously nobody could find the shuffle button.

The verdict on Monkey Bar is clear - unless you need a new place to play Keno, run away from this place.

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