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Kipling's Garage Bar

2 Eastern Rd, Turramurra, NSW
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Rudyard Kipling once said, "A man can never have too much red wine or too many books." We have to say we wholeheartedly agree.

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What To Expect @ Kipling's Garage Bar

Review By Samantha Woodhill

A lengthy drinks menu featuring an extensive wine list and 17 gin varieties is not designed to appear pretentious at Kipling’s Garage Bar. Formally a garage, the residual construction acts as trendy décor with exposed brick and timber furniture. Nevertheless, leave your Penguin Classics and clear lensed glasses at home tonight folks - Kipling’s is positively hipster free.

With at least 10 choices for your type of rum, vodka and scotch, the variety of drinks makes for an interesting decision. The beer selection is limited – mostly imported and by the bottle, expect to pay around $9. Wine prices are what you would expect - $8-$12 for a glass of wine, $50-$60 for a bottle. Highly recommend the Summer Sangria if you like citrus, don’t recommend the home brewed/special/unique apple cider if you have taste buds.

It’s hard to narrow down the clientele to a median age bracket; the crowd is diverse. Kipling’s seems to effortlessly cater for a late night cognac, just a coffee or even a sneaky vine-o with the girls. The dress code is nondescript; rock up in thongs straight from the beach but a summer evening dress won’t look out of place.

Located conveniently on the corner of a busy intersection, just a stone’s throw from Turramurra station, you’re in the thick of it at Kipling’s, but pleasantly distanced; the large outdoor furniture strategically filters out much of the road noise. Local musicians are often featured giving the place a sort of authentic feel and add to the bar’s spirited atmosphere. It’s busy even on a weeknight, but no need to book a table.

The food options are a breath of fresh air if you’re sick of the trendy (but expensive and rather same same) wine bar tapas menu. In the evenings, the kitchen offers pizzas, bar snacks and share plates – even desserts – definitely enough food to avoid a Maccas detour on the way home. Allow between $10 and $15 for a pizza.

Weekend breakfast for early risers is available from 8am. Perhaps your online Fairfax subscription has run out so you’re out buying the paper and you’ve traded Friday night drinks for a Saturday jog – it is worth checking it out if you can make it.

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