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Ivanhoe of Manly

27 The Corso, Manly, NSW
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The Ivanhoe of Manly Review

Review By Tanika Robertson

The Ivanhoe or the 'Hoe' as it's better known to locals is becoming one of the must-see venues on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Located in the infamous Manly Corso, this three level venue lacks to receive the attention it deserves.

I went to the under-rated club on a Saturday night with a couple of friends and once walking through the doors, the atmosphere was alive. Three storeys comprise the Ivanhoe and I'm told there is also a basement room for private hire. The lower storey has a low-key atmosphere with music playing and large tables and booths located around a dancing area. There are also large televisions located throughout the downstairs area where live sporting matches are aired throughout the night.

For those who desire more of a club-feel head to the top level of The Ivanhoe. Here you'll find yourself amongst party-goers aged in their early to late 20's. The atmosphere on the top-level oozes sex-appeal as modern pendant lights hang from the ceiling providing intimate lighting for the booths that lay at the foot of a large horizontal bar. The bar stretches from the start of the dance floor to the glass doors that open up to an outdoor area. The prices of drinks aren't too steep but they're what many would come to expect from a club located in Manly. $20 will cover you and your Mrs. with beers averaged at $8 and spirits like vodka red bulls not exceeding $13.

The dance floor is the place to be after you've chucked back a few bevies. Throughout the night it's always packed meaning that slipping up against a hot girl or guy is inevitable. The music varies from night to night. But on Saturday's one can expect a range of top-40 RNB, dance and pop hits mixed by the house DJ or at times special guest DJS.

Want a place to actual hear yourself think or rather hear someone else talk? Head outside through the glass doors and you'll find yourself on the rooftop of the Ivanhoe. This outdoor area is comprised of two large square booths that could easily hold 15 people. Over each booth hangs a large mirror - so for the ladies wanting to check hair or make-up there's no need to rush into a crowded bathroom. The modern decor continues with small light-brown leather stools being accompanied around large circular tables. The edge of the outdoor area is filled with luminous green plantation that contrast well with the brown colour palette of the bar stools, tables and booths that make up this outdoor haven.Want to mix in an intimate club-setting without a steep cover-charge? Well I recommend you head down to The Ivanhoe in manly.

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