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The Lansdowne Hotel

2 City Rd, Sydney NSW
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What To Expect @ The Lansdowne Hotel

Review by Claudia Wood

The historic Lansdowne Hotel reopened last night with live bands and rockabilly dancers keeping the entertainment going until the early hours of the morning. Famous for its bars, bistro and beats, this hotel incorporates great food into their great music and bar scene. With a laidback attitude and loft style décor, the Lansdowne Hotel is the perfect place for after work or uni drinks with your mates. With cheap drinks and fancy cocktails at the bar upstairs, it’s easy to get lost in the retro New York style hotel.

With live bands rocking out all night downstairs, you can chill on a couch or get right up close and enjoy the guitar action. Bands like Gay Paris and Fox Company took the stage, and proved that the Lansdowne Hotel is back in business with their live music which they are famous for. Pinball machines and a play station created a relaxed feel with the buzzing atmosphere filled with uni kids and the occasional oldie enjoying the sounds of Sydney’s music scene. The Lansdowne Hotel is great for groups with cheap beer and cocktail jugs, so it’s not the place to come on your own. An abundance of scene kids fill the bar on a Friday night, so don’t be afraid to dress grungy, show your tattoos and put some colours in your hair.

Upstairs usually hosts a an array of house and hip hop DJs; however, every third Friday of the month, the upstairs room turns into a rockabilly dance floor with Limpin’ Jimmy and the Swingin’ Kitten showcasing their talented students. You can watch on or join in with the swinging dance moves and learn a thing or two about the rockabilly culture which is a big part of the hotel. There’s an awesome outside smoking area decorated with lights and chairs and tables to socialise outside, while still being able to enjoy your bad habit and hear the music.

The Lansdowne Hotel picks up later in the night while the drinks keep flowing and the crowd is in for a chilled, fun night. It’s great for cheap pre-drinks or to end your night at closing time after enjoying an awesome night at one of Sydney’s best live music venues.

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