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There is so much to know about Stonewall Hotel, it is not just a place to go to the weekend. Stonewall Hotel is a history, it is an institution and it is a safe place for the GLBTI community. As one of the most well known GLBTI venues in Sydney, Stonewall leads the way in providing a vibrant, fun and eclectic atmosphere for patrons to express themselves. Stonewall is committed to supporting the lifestyle that all of us in the Gay community enjoy so much. Whether it be entertainment, fashion, parties or music, Stonewall will bring you events and items that help create the spirit of unity and love for our way of life. Our music will showcase our most popular Dj's, our Hotel will provide a venue to enjoy each other's company and Stonewall will also create lifestyle stuff that reflects our sense of self. Stonewall proud to be a Gay brand. The history is remembered the future is here!

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Stonewall Hotel Review

Review by Jessie Poon

Even before entering Stonewall Hotel, your attention would be immediately drawn to the large, pink, triangular neon signs on either side of the entrance, which states loud and proud: Gay and Lesbian Pride.

Stonewall Hotel has been renowned as the place to be for Sydney's gay scene, as they have been flaunting their pride of various sexualities for many years.

I was invited to this establishment to attend my friend’s Lady Gaga themed Birthday Party. With its recognizable vintage outer decor and being situated on the infamous Oxford Street, Stonewall was easy to locate as its reputation precedes itself.

Stonewall was mostly populated by males between the ages of twenties and thirties, but also plenty of females who visit the venue to have fun and enjoy the experience.

The Hotel consists of three levels with a bar and a dance floor located on every single floor. The first opens onto a pub style setting with flat screens playing music videos and the occasional sports, providing the perfect place to mingle and the opportunity to get to know new people.

On the second level, you are greeted with stripper poles and platforms with cages, but don’t be unsettled - I found this to be the most fun and crowded floor as the DJ pumped out the freshest hits and everyone was bobbing to the music with a drink in their hands.

The third level was booked out by my friend, there was a central dance floor and the walls were decorated with naked torsos of men with rippling abs, clearing flaunting their evident pride.

Service was friendly, as they helped bring out the cake and light the sparklers, even when the drunken birthday boy hit his head, medical attention arrived quickly and luckily my friend was fine.

Drinks were priced averagely, and there was also a cloakroom provided with a $3 fee. However, the club can become extremely over-crowded as the only means of reaching each level is by an extremely narrow staircase, and it can become quite dangerous with alcohol involved.

There are also no noticeable public lifts provided to take you to each level, and it can be hard trying to climb the up staircase as a lot of people are climbing down.

A small smoking area is provided outside, but it is often swarming with smokers so there is barely enough space. With no tables, chairs or even ashtrays provided, the floor was littered with butts and there were only a few steps to sit on.

However, despite some dramas and difficulties that had occurred at Stonewall Hotel, my friend managed to have an amazing night celebrating his birthday. Don’t be intimidated by the neon signs or the naked torsos - try to experience something different and unique, as Stonewall celebrates the equality of all genders and sexualities.

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