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Fake Club

2A Roselyn St, Potts Point, NSW
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Open every Saturday, Fake CLub has $5 drinks from 9pm - 11pm, perfect for those uni students on a tight budget. For more information checkout the website of Facebook page.

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Fake Club Review

Review by Jemma Nott

Funky and down-to-earth, Fake Club is a relaxed, and chilled out place to start off your night…if you can find it!

I would like to begin by saying that as a newcomer to the glorious city of Sydney, I was very much looking forward to sampling the nightlife. However, I was also very much a victim of my own bad sense of direction. I spent much of the night just trying to find Fake Club, and when my GPS system failed me, the bouncers made it worse. Not only did every bouncer I asked for directions point me in the complete opposite direction, but they also told me that some clubs had closed down – when they hadn’t! Moral of the story? Don’t trust bouncers standing outside particularly competitive nightclubs.

Anyway, I digress. What I have been leading up to is that Fake Club is tucked away inside the Empire Hotel in Kings Cross. So, you have to keep a special eye out for it. In fact, the best option is to join the bar crowd until the night club upstairs opens, because if the bar isn’t packed, the nightclub is very unlikely to be.

With this being said, Fake Club opens at 9pm every Friday and Saturday night, and is usually full by around 10pm. Despite the club’s reputation as a backpacker and student nightclub, it has a very sophisticated atmosphere.

The venue is decked out with a comfortable lounge area, and a moody lighting setting. In fact, I found the comfy couches very conducive to long drunken conversations, so it’s great if you need to chill out at some point during the night.

Don’t get me wrong, though, if you like to bust a move then this club is great! The constant hip-hop, and upbeat reggae soundtrack floating through this club is perfect for some serious booty shaking, and most of the clubbers did just that – guys, and girls! The only thing that ruined my dancing mood was when the DJ span a particularly old hip hop song...I mean a Pussycat Dolls song from 2000? Really guys?

The majority of the people in the club were backpackers or students, and in this instance the club does live up to its reputation. However, if you’re like me then you will find this makes your night out even more rowdy, and interesting. For the ladies, though, it does generally mean being approached by every second Irish backpacker in the place.

However, this threat of a ruined night out is diminished by the warm, and friendly staff, who are all about as funky as the club itself. One of the best aspects of Fake Club, however, is the prices. There is usually a $15 to $20 entry fee, but when you get in there, all basic drinks are $2 from 9 – 11pm. Other drinks at the bar are also fairly cheap – jaigerbombs for $10!

Fake Club is a nice time out; however, the non-stop hip-hop can become boring very easily. This is a great club for starting your night (you can get in a few cheap drinks, and a boogey early in the night). Despite this, I get the impression that Fake Club is a very underrated part of Kings Cross nightlife – it’s not very visible, and it seems that only seasoned Sydney-siders, or backpackers cruising up from the bar are aware of its existence! I definitely recommend checking it out, and changing its underrated status.

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