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Trak Live Lounge Bar

445 Toorak Rd, Toorak, VIC
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Located in the heart of Toorak village, TRAK is one of Melbourne's most prestigious and iconic venues. From the moment you walk in, the stylish entry creates a sense of occasion and glamour. With a warm, sophisticated blend of fine textures and natural tones used to create a minimalistic style, it is a breathtaking space for all events where impressing your guests is paramount. TRAK Live Lounge Bar can be yours for exclusive events for up to 600 guests. The floor space comprising of 4 well appointed bars which run seamlessly into each other, provides a spectrum of different areas to explore.

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Trak Live Lounge Bar Review

Review by Rebecca Herrick

After months of hearing about Trak, my friends and I decided it was about time we checked it out. The second I walked down the giant stairs, I was impressed. Everything at Trak is enormous and impressive, especially the fact that it is host to 5 different rooms.

Besides the absolute abundance of space though the entire club, the venue is so well decorated that you don’t feel like you’re in an Australian night club. Large couches, black décor, with stairs and hallways all over the place create the feel of clubs that we have seen in American movies. It was like no other club I had been to.

Upon entering Trak, and paying $25 entry, you feel a little overwhelmed. There is huge stair cases and corridors everywhere, not really sure which direction you should head in. If you head left and walk down the corridor you find yourself in a large RnB style room. The edges are lined with couches, but they aren’t used very much. This is so popular that it basically one huge dance floor.

Maneuver yourself though the energetic crowd and you will come to a long skinny room - a room called the ‘Candy Bar’. The DJ plays in the side corner and the bar stretches most of the room. This room has a much more relaxed feel to it. There isn’t many people dancing, rather just lounging on the couches and chatting in their booths. This is the perfect place to head if your shoes are beginning to hurt. The very top room or the projection room isn’t usually open to the general public. It’s more of a VIP’s and function room that overlooks Toorak Rd.

Back at the entrance, make a right turn, and head down another massive flight of stairs you will come to what is like a reception area, with a bar at each end. That then leads you down to the main room at Trak. This room is certainly where the crowd gathers. It has a very similar feel to that of an arena set up for a concert. It also features three bars and an impressive, giant movie screen. Popular dance music is pumping out of the speakers. Half the room is lowered, which creates a dance floor. The raised section of the room is scattered with tables and booths that look over the lowered dance floor.

Surprisingly, drinks at Trak are reasonable. Handing over $40 for three Smirnoff double blacks and getting change was a welcomed surprise. Shot’s and post mixes will cost you a little more, but still very reasonably priced. The multi-cultural crowd at Trak tends to be those in their mid to late 20’s.

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A Second Review of Trak Live Lounge Bar

Review by Catherine Falalis

Those after a night on the town surrounded by an abundance of class and elegance will find it at Trak Live Lounge Bar, located on Toorak Road. Providing nights such as Factory Thursdays and Strut Saturdays, Trak is the go-to place for those who are more inclined to a formal partying environment.

There is no doubt Trak radiates sophistication in utmost class. Its grand decor consists of natural tones in greys, blacks and whites. The minimalistic overall style compliments extravagant detailing such as iron constructed feature pieces and vased plants. Private booths, cushioned seating and tables provide comfort for those lucky enough to grab a seat.

The main room in particular holds up to 600 people and consists of three bars - and it certainly needs all three of them as the area is so big! Decked out with a large stage overlooking the dance floor and a projection of photos on the walls from previous Strut nights, it certainly brings out the wow factor stylistically.

If you go up a few levels you will find a couple more rooms of smaller size. One caters to the style of RnB music, and the other a laidback area for people to kick back with little music. Both have their own bars and some of these areas can be hired for private functions.

However, the venue draws a fine line between exclusive and expensive, with entry costing a high $25 without a guest list.

A range of cocktails, wines, champagne and standard drinks are on offer from one of the many bars previously mentioned for reasonable prices.

The dress code is as expected: quite formal with guys wearing collared shirts and ties. Jeans are a no-go-zone at this venue. Ladies can be found wearing a nice dress and a killer pair of heels.

Surprisingly, the venue draws a crowd of standard age - 18's and above, and is definitely not age restricted to an older based crowd despite its formality.

One thing I personally found quite worthy, was the number of security hired to monitor such a large venue. There definitely won't be any trouble in this place.

One major downside to this venue is that it is much stricter on ratios in comparison to other places. Unfortunately, guys have little to no chance of getting in unless accompanied by girls, so get in line early! By early, I mean 8.30pm, and maybe then you'll have a chance at catching a glimpse of the interior.

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A Third Review of Trak Live Lounge Bar

Review by Ameera Evans

Sandwiched between the local boutiques and cafes of Toorak Road sits Trak Lounge Entertainment Complex. Home to an array of special guests including Timomatic and DJ Havana Brown, exotic dancers, spectacles and exciting theme nights it’s no wonder it’s ranked as one of the most popular hot spots for birthdays!

Previously a rundown cinema, the past few years has seen the large space undergo a massive transformation: Trak Lounge has been revamped and revitalised to welcome diverse crowds from every corner of Melbourne ready to stretch and flex their dancing muscles to the hot and heavy bass of its RnB beats.

To all those squatters, you needn’t worry about skipping that Saturday gym session, because by the end of this night, you will have exercised those athletic abilities from scaling stairs that interlink the 3 main levels that plateau onto spacious wooden dance floors.

Trying to find an empty space to get your groove on could be challenging late on into the night with midnight bringing an influx of people (between 18 and 30) causing the temperature of the room increase ten fold. However, if you need a place to take five, look no further than the ‘windows to the walls’ which are lined with sofas. But, if you’re in the mood to chat and escape the frenzied energy of below the upper most level is mellow, the ideal place to lounge back in the comfort of intimate booths.

Expansive carpeted foyers house main rooms that play a never ending list of loud hip hop and house music with intermittent Latino tunes to add some zest. Despite the gregarious atmosphere, the modern decor of the club carries class, and extra charm is superimposed with a myriad of sultry lighting and burgundy wallpaper.

At times, you may feel like you’re holding a faulty compass; the layout a maze that offers a degree of exploration for the curious and restless, creating the ultimate adult playground. As you leave each area, you feel the energy dissipate before entering a new room and being bombarded with a completely different vibe, and a completely new bar! Drinks lean towards the expensive end of the spectrum; approximately $12 for a standard shot, add another 50c for your double black, but combined with the buzz of the crowd you’re bound to have a ‘smashing’ time!

With entry $18 on an open guest list, it falls just above standard club cost of $15. However, for the ladies in the cling wrap dresses and sky-high stilts, the long queues outside are worth the wait for the weekly surprises inside, and there is always plenty of sweet eye candy for the single minx! A pro is that ample parking is directly behind the venue (provided you arrive before 10pm), and that the hot-dog-dude is always ready with his cart right outside the exit to relieve a four-hour-famine.

The club is more than impressionable boasting chic bathrooms perfect for selfies and a never ending timeline of songs to fuel your fire to the early hours of the morning make it difficult to choose whether to pose or party! Trak is perfect for those guilty of engaging in the dance floor love affair as well as all those human night owls!

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