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X and Y Bar

648 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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X&Y is a bar of the old school, with a focus on creating a bar that accommodates people from different lifestyles. Located in the heart of Fortitude Valley, its casual atmosphere is popular among a diverse range of clubbers. This award winning music venue is a must to catch some local and international artists live. X&Y creates a fusion of raw industrial and modern edge, with a dash of anti-establishment

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X and Y Bar Review

Review By Matthew Hart

X and Y bar located in the Fortitude Valley is a reminder of just how cool the Valley is. With its exposed brick interiors, graffiti and amazing lighting the club gives an urban, gritty and uber cool indie vibe. Add to that live bands 7 days a week and truly talented DJs blasting some of your favourites tunes with no cover charge, x and y is a must for all club kids.

I'd been to X and Y before but never really hung around or taken it all in, but this weekend something inside urged me to check it out one more time. As if the bar itself was calling out to me to experience its selection of beers and basic spirits along with its pumping dance floor and chilled out lounge. It was well after midnight and we had just left the City in search of some awesome music in the Valley with a fun, easy going crowd. We approached the door and were greeted by the very friendly security staff on the door which was a nice change to the grumpy, no nonsense door staff we had dealt with at other venues that night. We were let right in and proceeded inside.

Entering X and Y I was surprised to find a decent sized crowd still partying into the early hours. The dancefloor was packed with revellers as the DJ, perched in his booth high above the crowd, blasted some of the best from pop, rock and dance. To be honest I came to X and Y to take in some live bands, however to our disappointment no bands were in sight, so if you're after live entertainment make sure you get there early! My disappointment quickly faded as the DJ was killing it behind the decks and the friendly and fun atmosphere quickly took hold of me.

We took a trip downstairs past the beautiful graffiti art on the walls and the wire fences separating the dancefloor. When we got downstairs what we found was a relaxed atmosphere of lounges, a small bar, psychedelic mirrors, old school music and best of all arcade games. Hanging out downstairs was the best part of the night; chilling out in the lounge it didn't feel like you were missing out on anything and that you were still part of the party. After playing some arcade games such as Pacman, Space Invaders and a sort of spaceship shooter that I don't know the name of (but I did get the second highest score on) we enjoyed the old school tracks the DJ offered up. Queen's Can't Stop Me Now' came on and it was a perfect summary of our time spent at X and Y and how we felt in this very cool venue. With that we dragged ourselves away from X and Y with the promise of returning again soon.

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A 2nd Look X&Y Bar Review

Review By John Warwick

X&Y Bar in Fortitude Valley prizes on creating a laid-back atmosphere where no judgements are made on your clothes, hair or lifestyle. This historical bar creates a dynamic fusion of raw industrial and modern edge. X&Y draws in a variety of people, which makes it one of the most popular and well-liked bars in Brisbane.

X&Y is located on Ann Street, in the heart of Fortitude Valley. Before being a popular bar for young clubbers, it was a popular restaurant for crooked cops and gambling businessmen. The ground level of X&Y has an industrial warehouse character, with graffiti artistically defacing walls, metal fencing to create booths to relax in and the bar built from recycled industrial palettes. However, the downstairs cocktail bar contrasts the industrial feel of the ground level, yet still encompasses the raw and edgy atmosphere. The downstairs cocktail bar is more of a modern escape where you can sit, drink and chat with friends and drunken strangers. The cocktail bar is lined with couches, modern furnishings, and spinning bubble chairs. It is more intimate than the ground level of X&Y, which makes it a perfect place to sit, chat and soak up the relaxing, yet edgy atmosphere.

X&Y describe themselves as an "old school" bar, welcoming people from different lifestyles, with a casual dress standard. Most of the people who go to X&Y are 18-25 year olds with a hipster element, ranging from students and workers from different career backgrounds.

The music played at X&Y is as diverse as their crowd, with music ranging from old school and modern pop, alternative, and rock tunes. There are usually live bands, or a DJ to make sure your night is blasting with some of your favourite (and not so favourite) songs. X&Y also support local aspiring bands, artists or DJs.

X&Y's laid-back atmosphere makes it a popular venue among Brisbane clubbers. Its casual dress standards and no cover charge make it a more relaxed and unpretentious environment. Whether you start your night chatting in one of the industrial booths, dancing to some old school tunes or secretly having spinning races on the bubble chairs, X&Y must be on your list of clubs to hit up on a Friday and/or Saturday night.

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