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Kerbside Bar

Constance Street (Ann Street End), Fortitude Valley, QLD
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A relaxed laneway bar tucked away in Fortitude Valley's backstreets serving quality beverages, simple lunches, great coffee & supplying free WiFi & eclectic music. Anything goes. Open Wed - Sun!

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Kerbside Bar Review

Review by Larissa Willems

Boasting furniture that legitimately looks like it was taken from the Council’s kerbside collection, the aptly named bar offers more than just a place to head to after work. Hidden in one of The Valley’s laneways the Brisbane party district is famous for, Kerbside is a must for those who love to go out and show off trendy places to their friends.

As you walk in, you will be welcomed by the friendly doorman that won’t turn you away for wearing an oversized shirt with tights and embraced by the couches that beckon you to test if they are as comfy as they look. The entire room is filled with mismatched chairs and tables that add to the bars overall endearing and quietly charming atmosphere. There is even a chair swing situated in the center of the bar that is just asking for you to try it out. Combine that with a little alcohol in your system and you’ll wonder how something so simple can be such fun. Coupled with fairy lights and other trimmings that make you feel like you’re relaxing on a porch in the spring, Kerbside really knows how to get you comfortable.

The people you’ll find here are relatively of the 18-25 year old demographic. Either students or workers, it’s easy to strike up a conversation at the bar without being drowned out by dance music. With that being said, Kerbside caters to those wanting to fist pump to the lasers and smoke machines to the latest club remixes. Up the stairs, next to the bathroom opens a door to another part of the bar that makes you feel like you are entering Narnia through a wardrobe it is that much of an adjustment. Boasting another bar, a dance floor and everything else you would expect from a sweaty club, the type of people you’ll run into change drastically as well. Not much effort into décor has gone into this part of the bar, but who would notice it against the flashing lights and lasers right? This aspect of Kerbside offers a great solution for those disagreements between friends when some are ready to party and when some just want a nice place to sit because their feet hurt. Win/win!

The bar staff here are talented at what they do and friendly enough to start up a conversation with you instead of the usual ‘what can I get you?’ dialogue. As they spin the bottles and flip the glasses to pour your drink, you’ll want to ask others if you can get their drinks just so you can witness their skill again.

Kerbside also offers a menu that spans form bites and nibbles to a whole beverage list. Including butterscotch milkshakes, sodas, juices and coffees to marinated olives, salt and pepper calamari and satay chicken skewers at reasonable prices, it’s evident to see why this place is a favorite.

The bottom line? Kerbside is the perfect place to relax and meet some cool people in a relaxed atmosphere, but like any venue that feels a little too much like your lounge room, you will get tired of it quite quickly.

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A Second Review of Kerbside Bar

Review By Katrina Beavan

When you first walk in Kerbside, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled upon a garage sale - of the funky furniture kind that is. But once you delve deeper, it becomes clear that this spacious indie hub is the place to be on a Friday night. Kerbside lays hidden away on the outskirts of Fortitude Valley - Constant Street to be exact - and plays host to a young, lively, and relaxed crowd aged 20-30.

A new bar to hit the valley scene, Kerbside is not only well on its way to becoming the new Friday 'after work drinks' hangout, but also an edgy and fresh place to party. Tucked away in the labyrinth that is Fortitude Valley's laneways, 'indie' does not begin to describe it. Walking through the door, you instantly feel cooler as the place is simply oozing with hipsters. Whether you decide to sway romantically on an outdoor swing, rock peacefully in grandma's antique rocking chair, or snuggle up on a couch, you'll find a friendly face to talk to; there ain't no 'kick 'em to the curb' attitude here (sorry... I had to throw at least one pun in there!).

With the bar work, in the words of the great Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Baby: you ain't seen nothing yet. The bar work here will blow your mind. I was so mesmerised by the bar talent that even though I was well stocked in the liquor department, I wanted to buy another drink just to watch them make it. The drink itself was a vodka lemon lime and bitters, and it is safe to say it was the best I've ever tasted... though it would want to be at $8.50 a pop.

But alas! Do not despair! Happy hour is sure to spread a smile on your dial; just swing by on Fridays between 5-7pm to enjoy some cheap jungle juice. Another fun fact: each month there's a different beer which you can gulp down for a very reasonable $5. Kerbside's funky demeanour doesn't dress to impress, but impress on you it will. From the moment you walk in the door there is a fun, relaxed vibe which stays with you all night long. Unique and ever so special, there's just nothing else like Kerbside around. With an impressive five disco balls out of five I can't wait to see what Kerbside comes up with next.

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